The History and Meaning of Green Emeralds

The word “emerald” comes from the Latin word “smaragdus,” meaning “green gem.” To be considered a top gemstone, a natural green emerald must have a pure green color and a high degree of transparency. Emeralds are more expensive than diamonds due to their rarity, and emerald gemstones jewelry is a much sought-after luxury item.  


Diamond and emerald experts ESHED ensures all stones are natural. They produce the highest quality green emerald rings, emerald necklaces, and emerald stud earrings at competitive prices with their skilled cutters and state-of-the-art technology. ESHED emeralds come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from 0.5 carats to 20 carats. They also offer single stones as well as matching pairs.


A Brief History of the Green Emerald

Green emeralds have been a symbol of loyalty, peace, security, and new beginnings since Egyptians first mined them in 330 BC. Cleopatra favored this unique green gemstone and used it in her royal adornments. The Incas in South America used green emeralds in their religious ceremonies, and 500 years later, the Spanish explorers invaded Columbia and found the green emerald.


The trade in gemstones emerged when the Spanish exchanged precious metals for natural green emeralds. European and Asian royalties soon noticed the emerald’s majesty, and the demand for the green gemstone increased significantly.


Today green emeralds are mined in Brazil, Zambia and Colombia. Scientists found that emeralds have a unique chemical signature that indicates the stone’s mining location. Many consider Colombian emeralds to be of much higher quality than those mined from other locations.


Legends of the Green Emerald

Many legends surround the green emerald. One legend states that the emerald was one of God’s four precious gemstones given to King Solomon. According to the legend, these four stones gave the king power over all creation.  


The emerald features in both Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu religions as one of nine sacred stones. The ancient Babylonians believed that the Goddess Tiämat lived inside the green emerald and would bring them good fortune. Catherine the Great had an obsession with emeralds, and the emperor Nero would watch his gladiators through an emerald lens. 


The emerald’s ancient reputation as a magical stone with powers in matters of the heart made the jewel very favorable amongst European royalty. The world-famous Devonshire Emerald was a gift for the Duke of Devonshire from the Emperor of Brazil in the 1830s. It’s now an exhibit in London’s Natural History Museum.


Meaning of Green Emeralds

The emerald is the birthstone for May and the traditional gemstone for the astrological sign of Cancer, but what do green emeralds symbolize? In ancient Rome and Greece, the emerald was the gemstone of the goddess of love and hope, Venus. A green emerald ring given as an engagement ring has special meaning and represents unconditional love, compassion and loyalty.


The green color of an emerald represents vitality, new beginnings and the spring season. People have used emeralds for their mental and emotional powers through the ages. Today many believe that wearing a green emerald necklace or emerald stud earrings will provide you with improved willpower, mental clarity and ease your stress.


How to Identify a Good Quality Green Emerald?

When purchasing your green emerald bracelet or emerald stud earrings, beware of fakes. Synthetic emeralds have been in the market since 1964, so buy your gemstones from a reliable supplier like ESHED who specializes in natural green emeralds


To determine the value of an emerald, jewelers look at the stone’s color, weight, clarity and cut. Here are some basic characteristics to look for when choosing your perfect green emerald.


The hue, saturation and tone of green emeralds determine their value. The green color in emeralds come in hues ranging from blue-green to yellow-green. The primary hue must be a vivid green. A light-toned gemstone is known as green beryl, and a gemstone with a dark tone is considered an emerald. A fine emerald will also have a high color saturation. In other words: the greener, the better.


An emerald may cost more than a diamond per carat but is heavier due to its density. Therefore you get a bigger stone for your money, perfect for that green emerald necklace you have been dreaming about.



A good quality emerald should have little to no inclusions or material trapped inside the emerald. Consumers have come to accept these inclusions, which they often describe as looking garden-like or mossy. However, the clearer the stone, the higher the value.


Cutting a natural green emerald to create a green emerald ring or other jewelry pieces takes skill and experience. The cutter must consider various factors such as the stone’s depth of color, durability, and inclusions to create high-value emerald gemstones jewelry.


Final Word

So, whether you are looking for a perfectly cut pear-shaped emerald for a necklace or a matching pair for earrings, first make sure your gemstone is natural and not synthetically manufactured. Check the weight, color and clarity to determine the value of the stone. 


The best advice is to use a reputable diamond and emerald expert when making this luxury purchase. ESHED produces excellent quality cut stones and custom-made jewelry to the satisfaction of discerning customers worldwide.

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