A Complete Guide for Buying Gemstones Jewelry

Precious Stones: An Overview

When we talk about precious stones, we’re actually referring to gemstones. Gemstones are mineral crystals that are cut, shaped, and polished to make various gemstones jewelry or any adornments that buyers can delight in.


Even though gemstones are typically associated with mineral crystals, you find organic materials and certain rocks used for various jewelry pieces. You may refer to these as gemstones jewelry, too. Strictly speaking, there are seven main precious stones on the market, and these include:

  • Diamonds
  • Pearls
  • Rubies
  • Sapphires
  • Emeralds
  • Oriental Catseye
  • Alexandrite


As it stands, the four most sought-after precious stones on the market are emeralds, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. When you’re looking to be specific on what kind of precious stone pieces you’re looking to customize, you’ll then make mention of gemstones. So, for instance, partners looking to pop the question will head over to the jewelry store to request an emerald ring as opposed to a diamond ring, sapphire ring, or just a ring. The gemstone is merely there to identify what kind of precious stone you’re looking for. 


In this guide, we will be showing you how you can go about picking the perfect gemstones jewelry piece for any occasion. Here at ESHED, we sell only natural stones of the best quality in the gem market. They aren’t as cheap as synthetic stones, but why not make the moment more meaningful with only the best. 


Green Emeralds

Many consider emerald jewelry to be one of the most precious gemstones jewelry pieces on the market. These gems are characterized by the strong color of green derived from vanadium and chromium. Natural green emeralds come from beryl, and these gems are fragile and easily susceptible to damage from any bumps or knocks that you can encounter daily. 


Cost-wise, emerald gemstones jewelry can vary in pricing, but you can expect these precious stones to be a little more expensive when compared to other gems like diamonds. The fact that emeralds are a rare commodity adds to its selling price for buyers. Here at ESHED, you can choose your ideal emerald based on weight, shape, and price. 


What to Buy Your Emeralds For

The Ring

Since emeralds are fragile gems that need delicate treatment, emerald engagement rings are an excellent choice for people who don’t mind taking the ring off when they know they’re about to be active. It’s a bold color that’s worthy of any hand. 


The Necklace

A stunningly green emerald necklace spells royalty. Having this gemstones jewelry piece around your neck brings about all kinds of emotions associated with love, trust, forgiveness, and compassion. 


It’s a stone of prosperity and courage. If you’re looking to offer a special friend, family member, or partner a meaningful gift, then placing a green emerald around their neck will certainly send the right message. 


The Bracelet

Emerald gemstone bracelets are a perfect choice when you’re looking to show a sincere friend your appreciation. That added sparkle on the arm makes the experience extraordinary. It’s perfect for those who would love to get creative with the gemstones jewelry piece since you can customize each gem for various styles and tastes. 


The Earrings

Green emerald earrings are unique gemstones jewelry pieces to play around with. If you’re someone that pays attention to every detail in your outfit or are looking to pick a set of earrings for a special someone who does, then these green gems would be an excellent addition to any collection. 


You can have your sets designed as emerald stud earrings or perhaps designed as hoops, drops, or dangle sets. If you’d like, you could make a collection of it so you can pair these beauties with matching outfits that can bring the entire look to life. 


What to Look for When Choosing the Right Emerald

Knowing the difference between artificial emeralds and genuine emeralds can be tricky. Yes, the pricing of gemstones jewelry can give it away, but here’s a guide on how to select quality gemstones


  • You can use a magnifying lens to zoom in on the gemstones jewelry piece to see if it has any irregular patterns or tiny flaws. If it does, it’s likely to be the real deal. Synthetic gems are usually clear when you zoom in on them. 
  • If you examine the emerald under light, real emeralds don’t usually show any flashy colors. If the one you have happens to have a rainbow look to it when it’s under light, then it may not be the real deal. 
  • Real emeralds are usually dark green, blue-green, or yellow-green in color. 
  • If the gemstones jewelry piece is said to be the real deal with a price that seems rather dodgy, then the gem is likely to be fake. Always remember that emeralds are rare; therefore, you should expect these precious stones to be quite expensive when you’re looking to buy them. 


In Conclusion

Emerald pieces are an excellent choice when you’re looking to get something a little out of the ordinary. Whether you’re looking to get your fiance an engagement ring or looking to spoil your best friend with a special bracelet, emeralds have the perfect options to suit any style and design. 

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