Emerald Jewelry – 10 Things You Should Know When Buying an Emerald

In the gem market, you can find a lot of synthetic stones of low quality which can sometimes make it difficult to find quality emerald jewelry. High quality Emerald jewelry has a beautiful green shade, and you get them in rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets either for you or the one you love. 

In this article we will be sharing 10 aspects you should know prior to making any kind of investment in emerald jewelry. Some of these critical aspects and questions include how to purchase emerald jewelry online and whether an emerald can hold its value?

How to Purchase Emerald Jewelry Online 

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to decide which piece of jewelry to buy. Especially when looking at emerald jewelry as you want the best quality at the best prices. Our goal in this article is to highlight the top 10 things you should know before buying emerald jewelry. If you are to get it right, you must be a sanguine buyer who understands how to put across the right emerald jewelry-buying questions. 

1. You Must Only Purchase from Reputable Jewellers

With many counterfeit goods on the market that are difficult to regulate, you must always and without exception buy emerald jewelry from a well-known jeweller, either online or even physically stores. Usually, the best way to do this is through the verification checks that the jeweller you intend to buy from is registered with  National Jewellers’ Associations in their country. Reputable brands like Eshed will even let you verify their authenticity from their website in a few simple clicks. 

2. You Must Seek an Even and Distinctively Green Colour

Emeralds are known to occur naturally. These natural green emeralds, emerald rings, green emerald necklaces, emerald earrings, emerald stud earrings, or emerald bracelets are a unique product of Mother Nature. Therefore, their colour can vary. A good rule of thumb? The most pleasing emerald colour is known to be very distinctive and uniformly green. A piece of emerald jewelry must never look like it is too dark, nor too evidently blue, nor patently yellow.

3. You Must Anticipate a Few Flaws

It is very typical for any natural emerald to have trace marks and defections. These are often referred to as inclusions found in the jewel industry. One of the most trusted self-governing gemological authorities, GIA noticed that  “Emeralds usually have inclusions that may be visible to the naked eye.’ “

In most cases it can be their shade that is most notably different. However other inclusion also occurs and while some are beautiful and add character, others can be bothersome. It is for this reason that flawless natural emeralds are so sought-after.

4. You Must Look Out for a Fine Cut

Emerald jewelry is very famous for its green colour. But in some cases the colour depends on the skill and quality of the jewel cutter who would have cut the gem out from the rough stone. A jewel cutter can make the emerald colour brighter or give the gem a potentially great optimal shape and the right amount of facets. Thus, as your common rule of thumb, just the green colour has a tendency to highlight a significant cut in the emerald.

5. You Must Have the Ability to Know the Contrast Between Price and Size

Emerald jewelry is usually scaled in carats; this is also the same as diamonds. Massive, crystal clear emeralds are known to be very difficult to find. Accordingly, their per carat cost is usually gradually higher when compared to the smaller emeralds. Suppose you look around for a colossal emerald piece but do not have a high budget. In that case, you will save cash by purchasing a jewelry item such as an emerald ring, green emerald necklace, emerald earrings, or emerald stud earrings that combine smaller emeralds compared to a big stone.

6. You Must Know About the Location of Origin

Naturally, all emerald jewelry is not made the same way. Most experts usually say that the globe’s finest emeralds originate from Colombia. The country’s emerald sediments are known to be one of the richest across the globe. Colombian cutters have excellent and good experience in cutting gems, so you’re most likely to get the finest gem from this country. To ensure your emerald jewelry is conflict-free, you will need to research and see if our jeweller abides by the NAJ code of conduct and ethics.

7. You Must Read Customer Reviews

If you are having doubts about any jewelry item, you must immediately look for client reviews. There are a lot of trusted independent online review websites such as Hellopeter, Trustpilot, Google customer reviews, and Feefo that can be very helpful in purchasing items, especially when getting emeralds or any form of gemstone jewelry.

8. You Need to Do Adequate Research

Before buying green emeralds or emerald bracelets, you need to look at videos and review images of real gems. Desktop and online research is one of the simplest forms of research. By looking at high-quality pictures and images you can quickly realize and appreciate what genuine emeralds bear a resemblance to. It is primarily imperative when shopping online; close-up images and videos of the emerald you will be buying are key.

9. You Must Read the Small Details

It is vital to always perform due diligence before any purchase, and we cannot highlight this enough. You must always check every element:

  • Measurements. You need to check this so that you verify if the item is of the correct size.
  • Guarantee. You must get a guarantee that you are covered for any manufacturing defects.
  • Product details. You need to look at the details of the product so that you are aware of what you will be buying.


10. You Need to Look at the Returns Policy

It is essential that when you purchase emeralds, you make sure what you are getting is refundable. This is important so that if you do not like it; you get the chance to return the item, primarily if you shopped online. However, you must note that some custom-made emerald jewelry are not refundable. You thus need to double-check ring size before you order to avoid any disappointment.

In Conclusion, Do Emerald Jewelry Hold Their Value?

It is a matter of worldwide fact that genuine emerald jewelry has great value. If you do your research very well and look at the pointers highlighted above, you will realize the actual value of emerald jewellery.

Luckily there are reputable stores like Eshed and others that provide only high quality emerald jewelry.. You need to understand your emerald jewelry to cultivate your decision on your next purchase!

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