Emerald Gemstone Bracelets: A Gorgeous Statement for your Everyday Outfit

When putting together an outfit, there are many factors to consider, including elegance; what better way to show off your elegance than donning that special statement piece, and what could make a clearer statement than a gorgeous emerald gemstone bracelet? 


Emerald jewelry is back in the fashion scene, and its exclusive color makes them easy to love. The green emerald color creates boldness and presence when added to any outfit. We will explore many fabulous ways to pair your emeralds with your favorite outfit. 


Composition, cost, and Color of an Emerald

The emerald is a rich green variation of the cyclosilicate crystal known as beryl; traces of chromium or vanadium give it that distinctive hue. Their resistance to breakage is very poor. Most stone professionals know that the emerald has unique qualities, but even a layman should know that it’s the color that makes this gem desirable.


Identifying the differences in emerald value requires a well-trained eye, especially when it comes to highly-priced qualities. 

4 Reasons why Emeralds are Beautiful

For centuries, people have been mining emeralds and carving them into many different types of jewelry. There are many different reasons why they are stylish and desirable.

  • They are unique 

That rich green exotic color makes an emerald different from other stones available on the market. This precious stone, when carved into an emerald ring, can make a beautiful engagement gift. 

  • They are colorful

Pairing up your green emerald bracelet with a white outfit will brighten up your look. By having different bracelets for different occasions, jewelers avoid limiting their collections. A bracelet with emeralds can be an emerald tennis bracelet or even a green emerald single chain bracelet. Jewelers spoil emerald-lovers with choice.

  • They are perfect for any occasion

You don’t need a special occasion to wear your favorite emerald jewelry. Emeralds are perfect to wear on a daily basis as they go well with any outfit. The different designs that emerald jewelry comes in make it suitable to be worn on any occasion. If you have a special occasion, you can pair an emerald gemstone bracelet with a green emerald necklace and green emerald earrings. You can even play a tennis match or go hiking in your favorite emerald stud earrings. 

  • They can be combined with other stones & metals

Emeralds can be combined with any metal color. An emerald gemstone bracelet looks good when combined with either white or yellow metals. It is a personal choice when selecting your combo of emeralds, stones, and metals. Darker shades of green tend to go well with yellow metals, while lighter shades go well with white metals. 


Similarly, emeralds can be combined with other precious stones. Imagine an emerald bracelet with both emeralds & diamonds on white or yellow metal. When creating an emerald gemstone bracelet, the color of the stone is likely to determine the metal color to use.

Tips to Selecting the Best Emerald

  • Choose the shade you want

An emerald comes only in one color – green. However, there are many shades of green. It is up to you to select the shade of green that you want for your emerald. The three main things to consider when selecting your emerald are hue, tone, and saturation. When buying your emerald gemstone bracelet, go for a medium tone. 

  • Clarity of the stone

A natural emerald is found in inclusions making it very difficult to find a stone with no blemishes. When searching for the best stone, you need to find a stone with better clarity by having fewer inclusions.

  • Emerald Carat

With green emeralds, similarly, the size of the stone is related to the cost.  The bigger the emerald, the more it costs. Although, with emeralds, a smaller stone with a better color is considered more valuable. For example, an emerald gemstone bracelet with more stones will cost more. 

  • Emerald Cut

The cut should always maximize the color of the stone. Open, uniform, and symmetrical facets are the best to promote the color and brilliance of emeralds.

Matching your Emerald 

When you throw on that green emerald bracelet with gold, always remember to walk tall because your stones are bold. The emerald has a bold, bright color that, at times, requires a more subtle outfit to match. If you wear an emerald gemstone bracelet, make sure that your sleeves are not covering up your piece. The piece you select to combine with your outfit is all up to you. Usually, wearing less dramatic pieces with casual outfits is advisable. 


You can wear a larger emerald gemstone bracelet if the occasion is proportionally more fabulous. When wearing a low or sweetheart neckline, much bigger pieces of jewelry can balance out the look.


Another tip for matching your emerald piece is to know what colors you want to wear. The complementary color with green is red, so redder outfits look great with emerald jewelry. You can choose any shade of red you want as long as it complements your emerald jewelry.


Other colors that go well with the green emerald are a simple black and white combination. A bracelet with emeralds will look perfect even with shades of grey, especially when it is set on white metal. 

Where to buy your emerald jewelry

You can buy emerald jewelry either online or find your nearest jewelry store. Also, bear in mind that there are also some synthetic stones when you are making a purchase.


So when selecting your next emerald gemstone bracelet, remember to look for an authentic dealer like ESHED. ESHED only sells natural stones, giving them an advantage. An emerald at ESHED starts at $3000 – not cheap, but they’re high quality.


The cost of an emerald gemstone bracelet, like a tennis bracelet, can range from as little as $1000 to as much as $100,000 on the market. When buying your piece, consider buying something like an emerald gemstone bracelet because it can be worn with anything.


Trends reveal that the emerald is back and blinging. All you have to do to jump on this growing trend is to explore emerald ideas until you find the one that suits you best. A bracelet with green emeralds could be a great start to gain confidence in wearing the precious stone. 

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