Full guide of natural green emeralds

Natural green emeralds are commonly associated with loyalty and love. They are rare and hard to find, so it is one of the most precious colored gems. The ancient Greeks believed emeralds to be the gemstone of Venus, the goddess of hope and love. At the same time, Egyptians believed them to be a source of eternal life.

Emeralds represent intuition, growth, abundance, prosperity, balance, and harmony. And this is one of the reasons why these stones have been thoughtful and meaningful gifts for ages.


Emeralds’ Value

But why are natural green emeralds so special? The four Cs measure the value of these gemstones: carat, clarity, color, and cut. Although diamonds have the reputation of being the most valuable stone, if you had a diamond and an emerald of equal conditions, the emerald could be more expensive.

So, how can you tell a good emerald from a bad one?

Carat Weight

Popular sizes on natural green emeralds usually range from 0.05 to 0.25 but can weigh as much as 1.50 carats. Some treasured emerald jewelry pieces in museums and private collections include emeralds that weigh as much as 20 carats.


Natural green emeralds typically contain minor inclusions on the inside visible to the naked eye; the name for such inclusions is “jardin” (French for “garden”) since they look mossy or grass-like.

Even if these could be considered flaws, it is very common and gives the gemstones a unique, more personal look. Natural emeralds without inclusions are very rare and therefore very valuable.

The inclusions in natural green emeralds are usually acceptable in higher-quality gems, but if these affect the transparency of the emerald, the value can decrease drastically.


The perfect color in natural green emeralds is an evenly saturated, rich green or slightly bluish-green gem. Even if it’s saturated in green, it should still be clear and translucent. There are less valuable emeralds in a wide range of green hues; if the gemstone is too bluish, too yellowish, or too transparent, the value decreases dramatically.


Different cuts can increase or drop the value of the emerald, depending on the quality of the cut; a mistake made during the cutting process can drastically affect the price.

A poorly executed cut can reduce the carat weight or the saturation of the color, but cutting done well can lighten a gem that is too dark or bring the best out of the color hues in the gems. This could help increase the value of a somewhat imperfect stone.

Natural Emerald’s Scratch Resistance

You might have heard that emeralds are fragile, but do emeralds scratch easily? Even if they are sometimes referred to as “brittle,” remember that this is compared to other gems like diamonds, which represent one of the hardest materials on earth, incorporated in saws used for cutting through metals.

But emeralds have a rating of 7.5-8 in the Mohs Hardness Scale, which qualifies diamonds as a 10. This means that only minerals above them in the table can scratch natural green emeralds, making them very resistant.

Natural Emeralds VS Synthetic Emeralds

The gem industry is full of synthetic lab-grown stones with lower quality, and yes, lower prices. But what you save in price, you lose out in the odd appearance of the gems.

While natural green emeralds tend to have inclusions that characterize these gemstones because of the minerals they contain, the ones created in a lab don’t have inclusions.

And even if non-included emeralds are usually high-priced when found in nature, the value decreases considerably when it is a product of synthetic processes. Also, authentic natural green emeralds are very expensive and can have investment value, which doesn’t occur with lab-generated emeralds.

Emeralds in Engagement Rings

If you’re considering an emerald ring for an engagement, you might be wondering, “Are emeralds suitable for an engagement ring?” For ages, emeralds have been considered love stones. Of course, rubies are known as the primary representation of passionate love in gems because of their color, but natural green emeralds represent deep, mature, and faithful love.

Emeralds also mean new beginnings, a natural solid connection with your partner, and an eternal relationship. This makes them the perfect stone of choice for a meaningful, personal engagement ring, but also makes them stunning gemstones to include in other types of jewelry as romantic gifts to your beloved one.

Imagine a beautiful green emerald necklace as a thoughtful anniversary present or a pair of emerald stud earrings as an elegant, timeless birthday gift.

On Eshed, you can find an extensive collection of natural emeralds available for you to choose from. It doesn’t matter if it’s in an emerald bracelet or emerald earrings. These beautiful gemstones make for extraordinary and loving gifts but are also natural eye-catchers for their beauty and bright colors.

How can you tell if an emerald is real?

Remember, many gems sold as natural green emeralds are actually lab-grown, a different gem, or just glass. So now that we know how actual green emeralds should look, let’s recap how to differentiate a high-quality natural emerald from a lab-grown one.

Look for inclusions. The garden-like formations inside of the stone are a visible characteristic of natural emeralds.
Check the color. Look for the bluish-green tones; they can be darker or lighter depending on the gemstone. But if the hues are yellowish or brownish, you may have a different gemstone in your hands altogether.
Expose to light. Naturally, emeralds don’t sparkle like diamonds. If the gem is flashing rainbow reflections in the light, it is likely to be fake.
Consider the price. Genuine emeralds of high quality can be more expensive than diamonds, so if they offer you a low-priced emerald as a natural one, they may be selling you a fake one.
Purchase from a source you trust. If you are looking for emeralds online, look no further! Fortunately, on Eshed, you can find only high-quality natural green emeralds, which means by no chance will you be getting a lab-grown emerald, let alone a fake one.

Eshed offers the best online catalog of genuine natural emerald jewelry, all kinds of cuts, and competitive market prices. So don’t lose time and make your order now!

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